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It all began in 2010 when we wrote an en-COURAGE-ing song about being BRAVE, STRONG & COURAGEOUS!

Shortly after recording this song our daughter Gabi had two friends who were diagnosed with cancer. Through their fight these two families were en-COURAGE-d by this song. It became their fight song through their journey. They began to share it with their friends in treatment and word began to spread. By 2012 we had donated hundreds of our CDs with the song "Strong and Courageous" to children facing health challenges and it was obvious thatwe had a new mission.


We created a special "I Am Courageous" CD to be donated to pediatric patients around the world. Our mission has always been to share uplifting and en-COURAGE-ing music that is happy and hopeful with these children and their families. In 2019, in order to remain current in a digital world we created an

I AM COURAGEOUS keyring with a QR code that provides access to stream our music for FREE and donate these to children in hospitals across the country

In 2021 IAC TV was created due to the needs of content for CCTV in hospitals and other organizations. This exclusive TV channel hosts a variety show containing music, jokes and interviews highlighting people and places across the country that are inspiring, entertaining and educational. Through this new platform, along with our music, our mission is to create and provide entertainment that gives an escape and reminds each child that they too can live COURAGE-ously.

We, as a family, are so excited about this project and are energized by the fact that, while we are not able to heal these children or change their physical or cognitive challenges, we will use what we know to bring a smile and joy into what can be a difficult time. Music and laughter are powerful tools that can help calm, en-COURAGE, distract and uplift.

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Meet Sadie and Jaxon


Meet our daughter's friends who are the reason we began


Though they both lost their battle with cancer, their short time on earth was all about staying positive and making the world a better place. They each were the definition of being


They embraced life, loved big and will forever be the driving force that keeps us en-COURAGE-ing fighters and their families.

We are forever thankful for their lives and inspiration.

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You can make a difference by supporting

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“This music gives [our patients] that outlet of self-expression, normalization, and the feeling that they can be a kid…it changes their perspective completely.”

— Ashley —
Child Life Specialist

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“We were dealt some bad news. [Your music] was beneficial and healing to us, specifically from the fear that had been instilled in us.”

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“I started to cry. It was like I was crying and I was feeling healing and hope. It was going to be okay. It brought light into this room. Your music makes a difference in the lives of these hurting children.”

— Justin —
Father of a Pediatric Patient

— Karen —
Mother of a Pediatric Patient

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